Green Keeper’s Blog

Greens renovation

The greens are still holding up well, though renovation work is around the corner. Please keep checking as I will be updating when renovation work will commence, we are hoping for the delivery of seed and top dressing this week, onwards and upwards to the coming season!

6th tee first cut!

Its been a little over 5 weeks but the 6th tee has had its first cut today. The height of cut will gradually be taken down and the tee should be in a play very soon.

Spring has finally arrived

Though we are still experiencing frosts in the nights the course is starting to take shape, and I think is safe to say spring has arrived and long may this fine weather continue.

3rd hole surround change

The 3rd hole surround was a little too punishing last year, so we have decided to make it wider on the right so the ball should feed down now towards the green, rather than getting snagged in the rough.

Course has had its first cut!!

The weather has really been in our favour this week, the whole course has had its first cut, the tees have also been cut and will be back in play for the first competition of the year. The greens have also seen their first groom cut and a roll so they are playing and rolling much better.

buggy path to the 11th tee reinstated

The buggy path leading to the 11th tee has been stripped back and re-surfaced and is now safe to use

Revamped 8th drainage

New deep trenches have been cut this week to get rid of the wet areas that have been spoiling the 8th hole for quite some time now if your ball does land in this area it is marked as G.U.R but I would advise leaving your ball there or if you are going to retrieve it please be careful as in some areas these trenches can go knee deep.

17th Bunker

Progress on 17th Bunker has continued the large area has been filled with spoil and the top end has been mounded and the bunker has started to take shape. in other work the pins have been changed and greens cut and ironed.

Greenkeeper's Blog Announcement

Has been a productive week, the 17th utility path has been completely dug out and has a small amount left to be filled. Work will then commence on the new bunker on 17. Greens have had a cut and feed and are looking good for February.